Food Safety and GDO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

  • GMOScreen RT 35S/NOS/FMV IPC (LR) for ABI 7500
  • GMOScreen RT 35S/NOS/FMV IPC (NR) for LC 480 and MX3005P
  • GMOScreen RT 35S/NOS IPC (LR), for ABI 7500, MX3005, LC480
  • Screening kits for other Real Time PCR and Gel bases systems

  • Quants Kits allowable for ABI 7500-7500 Fast-7900, Roche LC 480, Agilent(Stratagen) MX 3000P-MX3500P etc Real Time PCR systems such as CORN, SOY,POTATO, RAPESEED, RICE etc.

  • DNAnimal Ident Meat for identification of bovine and porcine DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Poultry for identification of chicken, duck and turkey DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Beef for identification of bovine DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Pork for identification of porcine DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Lamb for identification of sheep DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Goat for identification of goat DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Chicken for identification of chicken DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Turkey for identification of turkey DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Duck for identification of duck DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Horse for identification of horse DNA
  • DNAnimal Ident Fish for detection of fish DNA
  • MasterMix RT (LR) Corn/Maize Species
  • MasterMix RT (LR) Soy Species

  • GENESpin Kit for DNA extractions.
  • DNA cleaning columns
  • DNAExtractor Fat Kit for lecithin, oil and fat

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